Progression Plan

Q3 2018 Building Blockchain Code & Website

Our Team is working on the project. Recruiting the Core Team
Official crow-funding campaign starts.

Q4 2018 Advertising Campaign & Exchange Registration

Community will use crow-funding budget to enhance project access to mainstream audience.

Q1 Q2 2019 Platform Public Release

The final platform will be released and starts beta testing.

What is exactly?

Worldwide Amateur football is going to have it's own dedicated platform.

This platform will provide a great way for matchs streaming.

The whole world will be able to watch matchs of his favorite amateur club, in live or repeat mode.
Any club can use our platform and get it's own broadcast channel to spread their match and partners.

DIVC will be so used for a lot of others applications in the amateur soccer world.
Any broadcast show, public event, speech and public announcement, anything they wish to share with the world, is welcome to our platform.
Every club & fan on the planet will get a nice way to meet each others, to learn from the others and support the team they want. Using intern chat and comment the matchs, this will be a great experience, scaled on human fits and expectation.

Later, after authority approval, a betting platform will be added to initial content, only for matchs with officials referees, avoiding fixed matchs. People will be able to bet on many structure and all program participating matchs.

We will build a dedicated advertising space so any club or sports brand can advertise & promote for any special event or marketing campaign.

Our engineer team will be working on a affordable streaming kit, based on a fully automated 360° video recorder. Artificial Intelligence will make it able to follow the game as if you where there. Also a multiple camera grid will be available, for stadium with more budget.

Crow-funding phase will help to reach initial fund required to develop the platform.
That same budget will also help to promote the platform and register on more exchanges.

Our main goals

- Offering great tools for amateur football club

- Simplify the streaming methods for their matchs and make it accessible to anyone with internet acces.

- Offering an advertising platform to find partners online.

coin spec

coin project scheme

Our Team

Founder & CEO
Founder & CEO
Marketing Finance Manager
Marketing Finance Manager
Developer Designer
Developer Designer
Social Manager
Social Manager
Web Expert
Web Expert